The therapeutic impact of BLUE FLOWERS on THYROID PATIENTS

Blue is the color of the throat chakra .

Peaceful. Serene. Content. Tranquil.

That is the power of throat chakra color which directly controls our thyroid function.
A malfunction of throat chakra results in imbalance of thyroid function &also poor communication with world.

Here are few easy way to heal or unblock this blue seat of energy and heal thyroid in the most natural way. 

Blue garden: Get a beautiful balcony garden created consisting of blue flowers like Morning Glory, Larkspur, jacqomantia, plumbago, Ruellia, petunias . Living Balconies has carried out extensive background research on color therapy. We have also successfully created many color based landscapes.
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Deep breathing : Belly breathing provides instant energy flow into your body.Take one deep breath all the way to the bottom of your stomach right now, and let it out slowly. Don’t you instantly notice a feeling of calm, fresh energy flowing through you? You would be able to enhance your experience if you perform dep breathing in amidst plants.

Journaling : Expressing yourself on paper is one of the most cathartic things you can do to release your inner truth & will help release the blockage of energies. Pouring out your thought amidst natural green environment & blue flowers is surefire way to clear the mental heaviness & help the thyroid condition…

Fasting: Along the same lines as a silence retreat, you may find fasting to be a nice way to realign with a fresh start.
Enjoy these simple things you can do right now to engage and heal your thyroid.
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