3 ways to declutter your Life

There’s something a lot worse than having a cluttered home or work space & that’s having a cluttered mind

Here is how you can declutter your mind in a few very easy way:
1. Have aeco-friendlybalcony garden made, preferably with some aromatic plants, fresh flowers, hues of different shades of fresh green plants.(Call us at 9560649260 or leave a message& we shall revert)

2. In a quiet time, start journaling your thoughts amidst that green space created.

3. Do this ritual for about a month, not forgetting to write 5 gratitudes for any name, place, animal, thing etc..

This ritual should be repeated daily.

Decluttering your mind will pay off in numerous ways :

• It will boost your productivity

• It will help you lose weight

• It will help you get a better sleep.

Look forward to a new you in the mirror

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