Yellow flowers you can grow in your Balcony Garden

Basant Panchami marks the onset of the Spring season in India and is celebrated all across the country. Women wear bright yellow dresses as the color connotes the brilliance of Mother Nature and the vivacity of life.

The color yellow also reflects in the delicacies of this festival like sweet yellow rice and yellow kesarhalwa. On this pious occasion we thought of sharing information on some beautiful yellow flowers to be grown in your balcony garden.

1. Marigold: we start with Marigold, as garlands made from this flower are offered to the Wisdom Goddess Saraswati on the occasion of BasantPanchami.

As per our previous posts, we have said that marigold is one of the must-have plants in your balcony garden as they keep away unwanted elements with their sweet fragrance.

... 2. Yellow Rain Lily: the stunning rain lilies bloom twice a year in India, with the spring & monsoon rains. Lilies are quite weather-friendly and can survive in the severest of environments. In case the sun is too strong, only the leaves of this plant will dry out, but the flower bulb lasts longer. When the lily dries out, the seeds can be planted back into the container, eventually growing into pretty yellow lilies once again.

...3. Sunflower: As the name suggests, this beautiful bloom depicts the sun and is name after the "sun" because of its shape and overall image. Sunflower is largely harvested in India for its oil seed production, used to manufacture sunflower oil. The farmers across the country harvest sunflowers due to its flexible nature, its high-yield and profitable prospects. Not just good for health, this flower is a must-have because of its easy adaptability to almost all soil conditions. Sunflowers require full sun and survive better and longer in warmer climatic conditions.

... 4. Snapdragon/dogflower:Better known as dog-flower in India, snapdragon is one of the most-loved garden flowers. Every child has played with this flower which has an amazing resemblance to the jaw of a dog. Children love playing the game of opening the dog s jaw just at the right place! Snapdragon is grown throughout the year but are usually short-lived perennials. Originally native of North Africa, Spain & Italy, Snapdragon was easily naturalized in India.

... 5. Chrysanthemum: This is one of the most popular flowers among gardening lovers, due to the variety it offers, in terms of colors, sizes and shapes. Better known as Guldaudi in Hindi, Chrysanthemum blooms well in winters, from the month of November till January. The best part about these flowers is that balcony gardeners can grow these very easily in containers or pots.

... 6. Yellow Rose: Roses are always Red, but the yellow ones are much more luminous & sweet, don't you think? Also called the Pioneer Rose or the Harrison's Rose, the yellow rose blooms very quickly and survives well in winters.

  This is a nice nature blooming environment at home, have a year-round blooming flower garden on the balcony, one should choose plants that bloom at different times of the year. Buy annuals for every season and remove them once their blooming period ends.Please I need more shrubs you can grow in containers. Thanks 

Commented by: MARSHALL | Date: 25/11/2017